Because video processing is too technical to be entrusted to anyone. Because you want to preserve quality during an encoding.
Because you haven't to be a video technician
to obtain good results…

Version 4.01, (…corrected) High Sierra, subtitles, re-wrap, chapters, 3D, etc , 2018-05-12
MovieIndex requires an Intel processor, and a system from Mavericks (Mac OS 10.9) to High Sierra (10.13)


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!You get the SAME BEHAVIOR with all modules:
I am lazy, I do not want to systematically have to check the result, so…
All the modules will deliver their opinion at the end of the process:

:-) the process went well, data before and after processing is coherent.

:-( the processing did not end well, datas before and after processing is not coherent, check the result.

(nothing) maybe yes, maybe no. Data are rather coherent but not concordant enough to deliver an opinion, check the result.


Create a DVD-Video (iAuthoring)


- Select your DVD standard.

(The default standard is the one you have chosen in preferences.
You can not mix NTSC and PAL movies in a single DVD, this is not allowed by DVD specifications).

- Select a mpeg file, multiple files (or a folder containing some mpeg files).

The main module ("Encoding") can produce an mpeg file ready for DVD-VIDEO. So, if your file was not already compliant (e.g.: a video from iMovie), convert it first (while selecting the "DVD output"). Then, give the resulted converted file to the DVD-VIDEO module…

- Remove one video, add another…
- Re-order them directly in the new DVD module window.

- Optional features:

Select a picture (or a mpeg movie), to set it as the DVD introduction.



- Select a destination.

- Click on "Go" to create the "DVD-Video folder"
End of the DVD-Video module: It takes 3 minutes maximum to prepare all your DVD settings (…and let the Mac bother to do the remainder ;))

- Preview it (button "DVD Player"). Is it OK?
- So, burn it -directly from MovieConverter- to the most compatible format with DVD-readers (no more need to make a disk image ;)).
This feature comes from the author of the great burning soft LiquidCD :)

!For better compatibility with DVD-readers, do not forget to burn it to the SLOWEST speed (avoid "maximum speed ").


Limitations :



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Modify without re-encoding

Modify/Correct your files without re-encoding: elementary video streams -m2v, mpv- or mpeg.


This module does not handle multiple streams in an mpeg: only the first audio, the first video and the first subtitle.

Your source file is in 4:3 but it is displayed as 16:9? Force its display (classic case with Digital Video Broadcasting : TNT, Cable, …).

Example of use: The JVC Everio camcorders can shoot in 16:9, but their 16:9 "flag" is not compatible with DVD standard. They will display as 4:3. Use this module to correct the flag without any re-encoding ;).

Your source file -NTSC Film- was not correctly encoded (by another software ;)) to do a DVD with it? Give it to pulldown (more infos here).

!This module is not too stupid, the only available options are the ones compatible with your source file (why propose to insert a NTSC bit in a PAL video file? ;)).



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Extract elementary streams: video, audio and subtitle, from an mpeg.


This module separates multiple streams of a MPEG: audio(s), video(s) et subtitle(s).
Only DVD subtitles are supported (and not "teletext" subtitles, as used by French and others broadcasters).

A subtitle will be automatically detected, if it starts "early" in the mpeg. If in doubt, check the option "Force search of one (or more) subtitle(s)".
MovieConverter Studiowill scan your entire mpeg to try to extract a subtitle.
If MCS find a set of subtitles, it will scan a second time to try to find another
…Until MC find no more subtitles ;).



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Join a video and an audio.


An mpeg is a mixture of video, audio (and any other data), cut in small packets and wrapped mixed. It is the reverse of the module 'demux', which separates a file to its components (called 'elementary streams').
If you have elementary streams (eg: MC's preferences are set to 'output DVD for DVDSP', or from an export in "MPEG Elementary Streams", …), you can join them together with this module.


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