version 4.01 (2018-05-12) :

Version 4.01, the real version 4.
This version requires a minimum Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks system (until the very last Mac OS X High Sierra).

We encountered a technical / commercial concern that disallowed us every access to the site since the beginning of the year! Without the possibility of intervention, neither some parts of the application nor the serial numbers worked well. So sorry for this -too long- inconvenience and everything is settled now.

For improvements, please refer to the -long- list of new features in version 4.00. This version is mainly a patch from the previous version.
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version 4 (2017-12-26) :

Version 4 release!
A version that has dragged on for too long…
Over 400 improvements and fixes since the previous version.

"Minor" (but essential) improvements:

Major improvements in version 4:

New major -Studio- module "rewrap":

Two purposes:

New minor -Studio- module "compress" ("for DVD" file):

MovieConverter produces the lightest file during encoding for DVD, while preserving the maximum of quality.
But what to do if the resulting file does not fit into your DVD-R?
That's the purpose of this module:
But use it sparingly:

Video containing multiple audio tracks or multiple subtitles:

Easy access to the contents of your videos, to select the audio or subtitle that interest you.
Default behavior (automatisms):

(Minor) Chapter Management:

Any file .mp4 (generic format for any devices) or m4v (format specific for Apple devices) will be automatically chaptered for more comfort.
At the beginning of the encoding, a file "[…]-chapters.txt" will be created. At the end of the encoding and if the video format you have chosen accepts chapterization (like mp4 formats), the conbtents of the file "[…]-chapters.txt" will be used to create chapters.
Special case of DVD-VIDEO:

(Minor) Final Size Management:

In use in "normal" or "expert" mode (so not in "easy" mode), you will find a new option "Do not enlarge". (Located in the encoding window, below in the "destination options").

3D management:

Your television handles 3D videos? Convert your already 3D videos for use on TV.

Management of subtitles:

Version 4 is compatible with all modern systems from MacOS X.9:
PS: the update is free only if you acquired the version 3 of the application (or its update), aka is free for all purchasers of MovieConverter since January 23, 2015 (…so the update is paying for the others).
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version 3.09 (2015-06-15) :

Mac App Store version - MAJOR BUGFIX!
…Due a concern with Apple's security features/signatures, most of "editing output formats" failed. Fixed, with a valid signature!!!
Notice: This bug occurred a long time ago (since the first version 3)! It "only" affects 2 of the 4 different versions of this app. Sometimes we miss a simple bug like this one (an "simple packaging error" but with huge consequences). So, when you encounter a bug, please inform us about it, to correct it rapidly: app menu > "Report a bug…".
Thanks and good videos.
PS: This version has been submitted to Apple on june 13th. It will not be available until Apple releases it (usually it takes a full week).

Site version (not from the Mac App Store):
Minor bugfixes and improvements.


version 3.08 (2015-06-01) :

(Mainly Bugfixes)

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version 3.07 (2015-05-18) :

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version 3.05 (2015-05-11) :

62 changes since the previous version:

Subtitles Improvements:
Various corrections / improvements : memory, translations, better video analysis, …
Enjoy !


version 3.02 (2015-03-02) :

New output format "MP4 for all devices":

Outputs formats for Editing:
Fix a bug when loading "QuickTime not-fully compliant" files.
Fix a bug with background images for the DVD menu.
Memory management optimizations.


version 3.01 (2015-02-16) :

Fix a bug with the new output format "MP4 for all devices".


version 3 (2015-01-23) :

Brand New Version 3:
▶ New "easy mode" for beginners: Video is very technical domain, but you don't have to be an expert about video or specifications, to obtain a good result.
1 - Load your file
2 - Choose an output format
3 - Start conversion
…That's all, everything is automated, you will obtain a quality video, compliant with the device/format you selected !
▶ New outputs for non-Apple devices: from mobile to your game hub, your connected TV, etc.
▶ Experts users: adding 2 new "special effects"

…Both effects can be previewed before encoding while clicking onto the "remote control" button.
▶ Various bugfixes (e.g.: with mpeg2, with "iPad" output)
▶ A lot of internal improvements
…More than 200 changes since the previous version.


version 2.51 (2014-09-22) :


NEW 32-bit AND 64-bit APPLICATIONS: 2 versions of the (same) app, now optimized for old and new computers
Don't worry, no regression, the app is still compatible with your system and hardware:
…in resume: more than 500 changes since last version ;-)


version 2.15 (2014-01-15) :

New features:
Encoding module:
▶ New preset reserved for playback onto multimedia hard disc: a preset "Standard Definition videos that occupy less disk space than the DVD format but with the same quality " ;-)
▶ Handle "interlaced VC1" now (but approximately) (1 of the 3 video formats used in BluRay discs).
DVD-Video module:
▶ You do not want a menu? You want a disc that directly starts to play? …Now, you can make a DVD without menu if you had only one video in your Disc (or if you grouped all videos in one, with the "chain" button ;-)).
▶ DVD subtitles: Customize the color used for subtitles (select it in preferences panel).
+ various bugfixes.


version 2.14 (2013-12-07) :

Most of changes in this version are related to the Mac App Store features, except:
▶ The conversion of some files with "highly detailed colors" (e.g.: ProRes files) could fail depending on the chosen output. Corrected.
▶ Sanitize and cleanup some codes: the application is more reliable.

Mac App Store specific bug fixes: mostly related to every sandboxed apps (the sandbox is a safety feature introduced by Apple in Lion 10.7).
Sandbox prevents to use your private QuickTime codecs (plug-ins to expand QuickTime abilities)*.
So, depending on your private plugins (e.g.: the Perian codec), some features could previously fail.
▶ encoding module: fix preview.
▶ encoding module: fix check for "comb effects" files.
▶ encoding module: fix "editing outputs" (for iMovie or FCPX).
▶ encoding module: fix enable of "QuickTime decoder", if the decoder seems available, but will not be compatible in practice.
▶ Now MovieConverter warns you at launch about your potential concerns.
*For info, the technical explanation:
If the user has Perian in his user folder, the sandbox feature prevents Perian to load itself…
BUT Perian is registered as the main decoder, so its decoding fails: because Perian is not allowed to be loaded :-(
DVD-VIDEO module:
▶ Only the first 6 buttons/movies could be displayed in each menu, instead of theorically 9. Corrected (this bug was not related to sandbox feature, but to another Mac App Store feature).
▶ Disc burning: the burning could fail with some users. This random bug is corrected too.
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version 2.13 (2013-11-19) :

▶ DVD-VIDEO module: allows to extract a menu background from your videos (this feature was broken in a previous version).
▶ Encoding module: DV output correction with raw DV: the audio part was not integrated with the video part, so you get two separate files, which is not practical (Notice: raw DV is only produced for the iMovieHD software, if you used a different video editing software, you never encountered have this concern ;-))
▶ ProRes codecs: outputs with your favorite ProRes codec (from 4x4 to Lt) are now well managed (previously, the regular ProRes codec was always used).
▶ Various minor bugfixes (localizations, optimizations, etc).


version 2.12 (2013-11-08) :

Mac OS 10.9 compatibility (minor changes).
Localizations failed with a non-english (or french) user's language. Corrected!

Various specific bug fixes:
User request:


version 2.111 (2013-10-10) :

Minor bugfix: the app refused to start (with an alert) if you previously installed a MovieConverter's beta version. Corrected.

Add a new preset: "Tablet" (for iPad 1, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc).
The bugs hunting:
And a lot of internal bug fixes (you will not notice them, e.g.: detection of streams language, sanity checks, etc), so the app is more reliable ;-)


version 2.1 (2013-05-28) :

New feature : the "Subtitle" module
1st part: Add subtitles for DVD purpose
✔ Most of text subtitles format are accepted: .srt, .ssa, .ass, from DVD Studio Pro format (.stl), from YouTube's time text subtitles (mpeg4-layer17) …and from images (.png).
✔ You can preview subtitles contents before adding them to your video (to avoid a bad characters display).
✔ You can re-synch subtitles to your video (when they begin and their playback speed).
…This implementation is not perfect (no progress bar yet when adding subtitles) but works :-)
Subtitles related improvements:

✔ now extracts subtitles from your 'for DVD' file. So you could re-integrate them (via the Subtitle module) in another video or in your newly converted video (e.g.: reintegrate your original subtitles after a conversion of standard PAL<->NTSC ;-))
✔ Automatically -well- displays your added subtitles.
✔ More compatible with 'approximate files from an external encoder' (e.g.: if your video contained valid subtitles, they will be preserved during the file correction).
✔ Now takes care of all your customized menu's titles (some were previously ignored).
✔ The 'chapters' feature (automatic or computed from your file infos) is more robust.

Others improvements:
✔ correct an aspect calculation error with anamorphous files (…files to be displayed other than their true size)
✔ handle some buggy files more (e.g.: files with multiples aspect informations)
✔ correct a uncommon failure (…with an NTSC video file with 5 duplicate frames every second, and converted to NTSC cinema mode!)
✔ correct some 'standard NTSC' bad behaviors (so most for american or japanese people).

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (intel or PPC):
✔ the app was badly displayed at launch time (corrected).
✔ The DVD-VIDEO module does not fail anymore while generating menus.

This version should be the last one before the official version 2 release (the subtitle part was 1 of the '2 missing feature that already existed in the old version'). PS: naturally, this new subtitle module is far better than the previous one ;-)
So,theorically, this is the last "ßeta version". Enjoy :-)


version 2.03 (2013-03-08) :

✔ Optimizations (next): The step "normalization of level of audio" is now speeder.
✔ Correction: some audio could produce some metallic sound. So, limit distorsion …while preserving the synchronisation with the video ;-)
✔ Correction: Your customized bitrate for h264 encoding, could not be used during encoding. In a very rare case, but very unpleasant too ;-).
✔ …and a lot a minor bugfixes/improvements.
+ some corrections specific for Mac OS 10.5 "Leopard".
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version 2.02 (2013-02-18) :

Speed - Optimizations:
✔ The h264 encoding part is from 2 to 3 times faster (or "less slower" if you prefer ;-)).
✔ The audio's conversion of standard (PAL / Cinema), is now very fast (5 times faster, and more if you have a computer with many processors).
✔ …and a lot a minor bugfixes/improvements.
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version 2.01 (2013-01-14) :

Major BugFixes:

Other changes:
A lot of minor changes, examples:
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version 2 (2012-12-12) :

Some bug fixes more!
And Mountain Lion compatibility (the app is signed now, so your system accept now to launch it).
It's the first version available onto the Mac App Store…
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version 1.995 (2013-01-12) :

Major BugFixes:

Other changes:
A lot of minor changes, examples:
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version 1.993 (2012-11-13) :

The "bugs hunt" version.
A lot of corrections everywhere (around 350 changes since the previous version).

Some few visible changes, but noticeable…
• Editing: add some iMovie export formats (most suitable to newest iMovie's versions than the classical DV format). A output to Standard Definition and one to "iFrame" definition. (What about the real HD? …you will have to wait the release of the real 2.0 version ;-))
• Broadcasting: add an iPhone export format.
Good videos :-)


version 1.992 (2012-10-01) :

OOps! …I release a version 1.991 which was not functional (it was -more or less- my working version, with a lot of options that did not work :-/)
Here is the real version (its news are listed under the "Version 1991").
Still some new features:

• …now it works (sorry for the previous version)
• compliant with Mac OSX 10.8 MountainLion (was not really compliant before)
• A new button: to preview your menus without having to generate your disk first ;-)
• Options are re-organized (it's simpler though more powerful).
A big mistake with some 'for DVD' output format, and for U.S. television standard (aka NTSC), corrected :-)
Good videos


version 1.991 (2012-09-21) :

Version …bugfixes!!!

…But most importantly, a very large cleaning: corrections and optimizations.
Eg (correction of multiple "random behaviors" of the application):
In result? …a far more reliable application :-)
PS: I see no reason anymore to use the old 1.6 version, this one advantageously replaces it ;-)


version 1.99 (2012-08-20) :

A very late version, sorry:

New version: with DVD-VIDEO module and "HD modue"
About the new module 'DVD-VIDEO':
+ A lot of of corrections / improvements (eg: if your source had chapters, they will be reused in 'DVD-VIDEO' module, despite the 'encoding' module process ;-))
Good videos.

This preview version expires on September 20, 2012 (…waiting for the next one ;-)).


version 1.985 (2012-03-11) :

New version: just a few visible differencies for you (but 153 modifications/corrections since previous beta version release ;-))

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version 1.984 (2012-02-20) :

Sorry I'm late (beta#3 was not usable anymore, but the beta#4 was not ready/available!)
What's new (just some parts of all changes):

Naturally, during their full rewriting, theses modules (already available in the 1.6 version) have evolved.
Example: Demux now corrects audio and video sync during extraction (what is the aim to manage to separate components of a file onto disk? …if you does not manage to group them again while keeping the file's original sync ;-))
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version 1.982 (2012-01-06) :

3rd ßeta version, corrections:



version 1.981 (2011-12-30) :

Second ßeta version, corrections:


version 1.98 (2011-12-20) :

First ßeta version 2.00